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Can you guess what Year 4 have been learning about?


The children have all really enjoyed sharing their first curriculum projects of the year with their classes. Here are just some of the amazing pieces of work they have all created. Well done everyone!


We can’t wait to see all the home-learning projects next week!


Congratulations to Jacob, for successfully completing the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge!


A landslide victory for the pupils of in our first on


We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in your virtual sports day this week. Don’t forget to send in your record sheet! I wonder which class completed the most challenges... 🚴‍♂️⛹️‍♂️🎾🏆


Good morning everyone! HJAC brings to you today Virtual Sports Day (or week).… find more information here. There will be certificates awarded for participation, but the main point is to HAVE FUN! 😁🎾🏆🚴‍♂️


Here are the answers to the ‘Guess Who?’ challenge last week. How many did you get right?


We had so many beautiful pieces of art sent in last week, it made the decision very difficult! Here are the winners. Well done to everyone who got involved!


Check out this video from Miss Stewart! 🥚-🐣-🐤


This challenge is for the parents today- time for you to do a bit of home learning! Draw around your child and fill the inside with as many positive things about them you can think of!


Thanks for voting. Pink was the clear winner and Mr Dale has a new look! We think it suits him, what do you think? Here’s the link if you would like to make any donations


Some entries for Andy Goldsworthy inspired art


Your final artist this week. We are looking forward to seeing your work. A winner for each day will be announced on Monday! Have fun 😁


A bit of fun for you on a rainy day! Can you recognise the staff at HJAC from these photos? We will share the answers next week.


Today’s artist is very much about creations in nature. We look forward to seeing your masterpieces!


Here is today’s art week challenge. Remember you have until Monday to share your entries for the daily challenges. All the winners will be picked then. Have fun 😁


Here is the challenge for today. Your artist is William Morris!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Year 4

We have made arrangements to ensure that your child is provided with a range of appropriate learning tasks during the period of time that our school is closed.

Initially, your child will bring home a ‘pack’ of resources which should provide them with a week’s worth of work. Each day your child should complete the following:

  • A handwriting task
  • An arithmetic task
  • A grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) task
  • A writing task
  • A reading comprehension task
  • A set of spellings (weekly)

In addition to the above tasks, your child should also access daily on-line activities through ‘Education City’ and ‘Times Table Rock Stars’. Your child has been given their log-ins for both of these sites.

We would also ask that your child reads for at least 30 minutes every day. Three reading books have been lent to each child to ensure this is achievable.

We have provided you with overviews of upcoming topics that your child will be studying in a range of subjects. Should they wish to, your child could independently research one, or more, of these topics and produce a piece of work to demonstrate what they have learnt. This work could take the form of a poster, a pamphlet, a PowerPoint, a model, or indeed any format that appeals to them.

Finally, we have also sent two exercise books home for your child to record their work in.

From the second week of closure onwards, we will send you, via email and our website, daily learning tasks for your child to complete. On-line ‘Education City’ and ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ activities will also be provided.

During the closure, your child’s teacher will contact you by telephone once a week. They will be able to help with any work-related problems that may have arisen.

If, at any time, you wish to contact your child’s teacher please use the school’s email: , or leave a message on the school’s voicemail at 0208 647 7324. A message will be passed to your child’s teacher and they will endeavour to contact you.

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