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Children enjoying their Pantomime treat. Oh no they’re not. Oh yes they are!!


Getting ready for Christmas dinner!


What a roaring success!


looking good and SAFE!!


Year 6 about to enjoy a building bridges workshop. How exciting.


Children at HJAC loved their Healthy Eating workshop. Ricardo from was amazing.


Retweetd From Cheam Common Junior

Well done to everyone who represented CCJ in today’s Borough Netball League matches v. . Good teamwork & fair play on display throughout! 🏐 A Team 4-6 🏐 B Team 5-0 Good luck to Harris Junior Academy Carshalton for the rest of the season!


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Our wonderful primary are developing their positive behaviour management strategies today. Thank you for a very useful training session.


Disco Fever at HJAC tonight.


Retweetd From Harris City Academy

It's not even 11am and we've met Jerry Ross for a personal Q&A and now we're off on our NASA bus tour!


Retweetd From Harris City Academy

Jerry Ross talking us through his space shuttle flights


Retweetd From Harris City Academy

Arrived at Kennedy Space Center for a day of exploring and lunch with and astronaut


School councillors meet staff from Chartwell’s staff and voice their opinions!


Backpacking week fun. What a success.


What an amazing week backpacking week we have had around Africa!


Retweetd From Harris City Academy

Start of the day at universal studios!


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Sir Dan Moynihan welcomes 4000 colleagues to the 11th annual conference.


Retweetd From Georgina Charles

These depressing statistics are why I teach in the public sector, to disrupt the establishment


Retweetd From Cara Bleiman

Nice end to the conference- receiving a 'Transforming lives' award on behalf of the team!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Academy Admissions

Welcome to the Harris Junior Academy Carshalton Admissions information page. Please look at our news page for details of events and open days for prospective Parents, Carers and Students. Our full policy, with details of our admissions criteria, can be downloaded from further down the page.  A brief summary of the application procedure follows, for Year 3 and in-year admissions. To view our full Admissions policy please see the attachment at the bottom of this page.

Academy Admissions Contact Details

Admissions Officer: Miss Hayley Stevenson

Telephone: 0208 647 7324
Address: Harris Junior Academy Carshalton, Camden Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2NS

Year 3 Applications

The Academy has an admission number of 90 in Year 3 for September 2019.

Applications for places in Year 3 should be made on the home Local Authority’s Common Application Form available here. These are accessible on the LA’s website and should be submitted in accordance with the LA’s published deadlines for applications (normally early to mid-January before the academic year in which the child is eligible for entry)


Any parent who wishes their child to transfer to a Junior school in September 2019 must apply before 15 January 2019. An application must be completed even if a child is at an attached Infants' school.

You can start your online application from 1st September 2018 and have until 15 January 2019 to apply. Offer day will be 16 April 2019.

In-Year Applications

If you are looking for a place at Harris Junior Academy Carshalton because you have recently moved into the area, or your child is at another school and you feel that a change of school would benefit their education and/or general well-being, you are entitled to apply for a school place. 

To request to transfer to Harris Junior Academy Carshalton please request a mid-term transfer form from your child's current school. This form is then sent to Sutton Local Authority who will then contact the admissions office. If you are successful in gaining a place you will be contacted by Harris Junior Academy Carshalton.

For Parents/Carers who Wish to Appeal

Parent(s) wishing to appeal against the Academy’s decision on admissions, for any year group, should complete an Appeal Form stating the reason for the appeal, based on the published Admissions Criteria.

If you wish to appeal you must contact the Local Authority and apply for an appeal form. The Local Authority can be contacted here.

Completed forms should be sent to the Clerk to the Appeal Panel at

Harris Junior Academy Carshalton, Camden Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2NS

Completed appeal forms for Year 3 must be received by the Academy by the closing date 21st May 2019 at 5pm.

The appeals will be heard, in private, by an Independent appeal Panel. The Clerk to the Appeal Panel will make an appointment within a reasonable time, Appeals may be made in English or the Parents’/Carers’ first language.

  • Only one appeal per application is allowed.
  • Appeals are conducted in person, and you may bring a friend.

The Appeal Hearing

The Academy will arrange for an Independent Appeals Panel to consider the Academy's reasons for refusal and your reasons for wanting to attend the Academy.  

The Panel will consist of 3 people (2 will have education experience and one will be an independent person with no education experience).

The Panel will consider the case put forward by you and the Academy. They must consider the admission arrangements for the Academy and the reasons why you want to attend that particular school.  The Panel must exercise its discretion by balancing the weight of your argument (for wanting to attend) against the Academy’s reasons for refusal i.e. the prejudice that one more student would cause to the education of the students already offered and the Health and Safety of all the students already attending the Academy, also taking into account the Academy's published admission arrangements.  

The decision of the Independent Appeals Panel is binding on the admissions authority and the Parents.

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