Preparations ready for the Royal Wedding picnic tomorrow. Sandwiches and cakes to be added in the morning.


No it’s just Monday till Thursday.


Thanks for all your contributions. Winners will be announced next week. Hope we all enjoyed Number Day.


Festive season starts tomorrow at the Christmas fair 12-3. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


HJAC are thoroughly enjoying backpacking around Europe.


Our amazing Mrs Gartell with her fantastic award. Very well deserved.


Thursday 14th welcome to year 3 meeting at 6pm. Welcome to year 5 meeting 6.45. It would be great to see you.


Monday 11th September PTA AGM at 6.45 all are welcome. HJAC PTA help make a difference to every child. Come along and find out more.


Two great WOW days already this week, tomorrow year 3 go back in time to the Stone Age.


2pm tomorrow year 6 leavers' assembly, it would be lovely to see you all there to celebrate the children's time at HJAC.


Well done to the whole of year 6, great production of Darwin rocks! Very proud of you all.


Finished packing up the coach and just about to leave. Aim to be back by 12 :-)


Lovely evening walk and had an amazing rap by Miss Roberts 'rehereyear4


Lovely breakfast and enjoying our morning activities.


He's having a great time. They all are :-) currently playing games and sports.


We are loving it - shelter building, scavenger hunting and playing games. 🙂


All arrived safe and excited for the next few days at Galveston Hall


15minutes until we are back at school


Had our lunch and back on the road - it's looking like we will be back about 2.30. Looking forward to seeing you all.


We will update more when we have an idea. So far so good for 2ish.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Staff at Our Academy

Principal - Mr L Robertson

Vice Principal and Inclusion Manager - Miss K Wood

Assistant Principals - Miss A Bryson and Miss C Hobden

Year 3

Mrs R Kirkland (3K)

Miss M North (3N)

Ms O O'Boyle (3OT)

Mrs G Tickle (3OT)

Mrs Veall

Miss J Nash

Miss D Killick

Mrs S Adcock

Year 4

Mr A Hutton (4H)

Mr M Petitti (4P)

Mrs O'Brien (4S)

Mrs Matthews (4S)

Mrs A Hyett

Mrs L Walker

Mrs C Bird

Mrs C Whittingham

Miss L Hyde

Ms A Norris


Year 5

Miss L Brightly (5B)

Mrs A Sahin (5S)

Miss M Clark (5P)

Miss C Roberts

Mr R Dale

Year 6

Miss C Hobden (6H)

Mrs A Handley (6A)

Mr T Little (6L)

Miss A Donald

Mrs S Morris


Non-Class Based Staff

Pastoral Support and Family Liaison Officer- Mrs C Brittle

Site Manager - Mrs J Gartell

Admin and Finance Officer - Miss H Stevenson

Office Assistants - Mrs J Blake and Mrs S Somanah

Midday Supervisors

Senior Midday Supervisor - Mrs J Gartell

Mrs S Adcock

Miss A Donald

Mrs M Carter

Ms J Nash

Miss C Roberts

Mrs L Walker

Mrs D Killick

Miss L Hyde

Mr R Dale