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Today’s artist is very much about creations in nature. We look forward to seeing your masterpieces!


Here is today’s art week challenge. Remember you have until Monday to share your entries for the daily challenges. All the winners will be picked then. Have fun 😁


Here is the challenge for today. Your artist is William Morris!


Here are some entries from the children in school.


Art week begins today! Each day you will have a new artist to create a piece of artwork in the style of. Winners will be chosen on Monday next week for each day! Have fun 🖼 🎨


Here’s the solution from Friday’s problem of the day. Mr Searle goes through how he got to the answer in this video.


Mr Dale is dying his beard for a good cause - click here to see how you can donate. You get to pick the colour! Get voting!


Find an adult to play this maths game with!


The last problem of the day and it’s a hard one! This one will definitely take some perseverance. Good luck! 😁


Here’s the solution from today’s maths problem of the day. Did you manage to find all of the solutions?


Today’s maths problem of the day! There could be more than one solution...Good luck 😁


Here is the solution to today’s problem of the day! Well done to those you solved it. And well done if you find life than one way to complete it! 👏


Here is today’s maths problem of the day from Mrs Morris! Is there more than one solution? Good luck!


Another two player maths game for today Enjoy!


Here’s one of the possible solutions from yesterday’s problem of the day. Did you find it? Did you find any different ones?


It’s division! Sorry


Today’s maths problem of the day! remember...there could be more than one solution. Can you solve it? 🧐


Good morning! Today’s maths game can be found here it’s another two player game which is really fun! Look out for the problem of the day shortly!


Here’s the solution to today’s Maths Problem of the Day! Did you manage to solve it?


Don’t forget it’s the start of London Rocks today! Make sure you get on TT Rockstars to be in with a chance of winning! 🎸

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Year 6

We have made arrangements to ensure that your child is provided with a range of appropriate learning tasks during the period of time that our school is closed.

Year 6 pupils will be provided with a set of CGP workbooks. 

  • Maths arithmetic
  • Maths number, ratio & algebra
  • Maths geometry, measures & statistics
  • Maths SATS revision book
  • English SATS revision book
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Reading fiction, non-fiction and poetry


During each day of the closure, your child will be asked to complete different tasks from these books. The list of tasks will appear on Microsoft Teams in their ‘daily plan’. These will include:

  • A maths ‘problem of the day’
  • An arithmetic task
  • Tasks linked to a maths focus
  • A reading comprehension task
  • A grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) task
  • A writing task
  • An investigation or research question relating to the foundation subject topics

As well as the above tasks, your child should also access on-line activities through ‘Education City’ and ‘Times Table Rock Stars’. You will find your child’s log-in details in their home / school diary.

We would also ask that your child reads for at least 30 minutes every day.

Finally, we have sent two exercise books home with your child for them to record their work in.

Daily communication regarding learning tasks will be via Microsoft Teams and email. Your child has their own log-in for Microsoft Teams. Teachers will be able to direct and support your child using this tool and your child will be able to communicate directly with their teacher should they need any help and support. 

During the closure your child’s teacher will contact you by telephone once a week and will be able to help with any work-related problem which may have arisen.

If, at any time, you wish to contact your child’s teacher please use the school’s email: , or leave a message on the school’s voicemail at 0208 647 7324. A message will be passed to your child’s teacher and they will endeavour to contact you.